Eyebrow Lifts

By | Eye Care

blepharoplasty-surgeryEyebrows are an extremely important facial feature. The eyebrows frame the eyes and strongly define the total overall appearance of the face. Eyebrows are central to the face and are one of the first features that people notice when glancing at a new face. So, it’s no surprise that the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow area can seriously impact a person’s life and overall feelings of self-confidence.

If eyebrow hair falls out or a person loses the hair in the brows for any reason, replacing that hair with scalp hair is a relatively simple procedure that simply involves implanting hair into the skin in the face aesthetically. Like hair transplants, eyebrow transplants are permanent.

Other eyebrow surgeries include eyebrow lifts that remove wrinkles and produce a younger, more vibrant appearance. In extreme cases, there are cosmetic surgeons who will actually move and replace the eyebrow, creating an entirely different appearance. This type of specialized surgery requires an ophthalmologist who is experienced in this area because of the specialized knowledge of the nerves that will need to regenerate so the patient is able to make facial expressions and look normal once healing has occurred.

If you are having trouble in the brow area or think you need some specialized advice in this particular area you should call a qualified plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist in your local area today. Our recommended doctors are always qualified to give you the advice that you are looking for and able to do any surgical procedures that may be needed to get you the results that you are looking for.