Experienced Cataract Eye Care Professionals That Can Help

When a person is suffering from a cataract, the generally clear lens of the human eye is clouded. This makes the vision foggy. In simple terms, a person is unable to see anything clearly. Though this condition is slow to develop, it can be quite difficult to complete everyday, normal tasks when you are suffering from cataract. You’re unable to properly read, drive a vehicle or see someone’s face.

In the early stages of cataract, special eyeglasses and stronger lighting can help people suffering from moderate vision problems. When your condition worsens, you may need cataract surgery to correct your problem. This is where cataract surgeons in Fort Myers, Florida come in handy.

As the name suggests, cataract surgeons perform the surgical procedure to restore your vision. This procedure removes the clouded lens present in your eye, and replaces it with a high quality artificial lens. According to statistics, this surgery is a safe procedure. It is a very effective treatment for progressed cataracts. In most cases, it is performed by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist in a simple outpatient procedure.

The Basics of Cataract Surgery

In the surgical procedure, the lens inside the eye that has been cloudy is removed, and replaced with a high quality artificial lens. It is called an IOL or intraocular lens. The artificial lens helps restore clear vision. As mentioned earlier, the procedure is performed on an out-patient basis. It doesn’t require you to stay in a hospital or medical facility.

It is worth mentioning that most modern and advanced cataract procedures involve the use of a high end, high frequency ultrasound device, which breaks up your cloudy lens into very small pieces. These small pieces are gently removed from your eye with suction. The removal procedure is called phaco or phacoemulsification.

It can be easily performed with much smaller incisions that earlier surgical techniques used for cataract removal. The current technique promotes faster healing, and reduces the risk of complications.

Once the remnants of your cloudy lens have been removed, the cataract surgeon carefully inserts an intraocular lens. It’s positioned securely behind the pupil and iris. It’s the same location where the original lens was present. In some rare cases, the artificial lens is placed in front of the pupil and iris. Here are two ways used to perform cataract surgery :

Small Incision Surgery – This procedure involves making a small incision in the side of your cornea, which is your eye’s clear outer covering. A tiny probe is inserted into your eye. This probe emits ultrasound waves, which breaks-up your lens into small pieces. This allows the surgeon to remove them through suction.

In this procedure, the surgeon removes your cataract, but leaves the thin outer membrane of your lens in place. This is called the lens capsule. Since the incision is very small, sutures aren’t required to close the surgical opening.

Extracapsular Surgery – This procedure requires a larger incision in your cornea. It allows your lens core to be completely removed in one piece. This approach is used when the cataract has advanced to a point where small incisions can’t break up your clouded lens. With this incision, the surgeon opens up the lens capsule, removes the middle portion of your lens, and leaves the capsule in place.

Choose the Right Surgeon

In order to receive the best results from your cataract surgery and avoid complications, it’s important to choose the right surgeon. When the vision in your eyes has decreased to a point where you can’t any longer perform daily activities, it’s important to consider cataract surgery.

An experienced ophthalmologist can help you make the right decision. A professional is most familiar with the past and current eye vision and health history. The person can answer specific questions to make sure you’re sure about the decision.

The surgeon will perform a comprehensive eye examination to advise you on the current level of visual abilities. He will also discuss the potential risks and benefits of cataract surgery. In case you decide to go ahead with the surgery, you should discuss everything with your ophthalmologist and surgeon.

There are many experienced and reputed surgeons in Fort Myers, Florida. In case you’re looking for an experienced surgeon to perform your cataract surgery, you should call.