Eyelid Surgery

Plastic surgery from your ophthalmologist? Why not? A procedure known as a blepharoplasty is simply an eyelid lift. This surgery is necessary to remove skin and excess fat tissue from the upper eyelid that may be interfering with the normal processes of the eye or even interfering with vision in dramatic cases. The eyelid surgery is simple, only requires tiny incisions to remove the fat tissue and a thin stitch to tighten the skin and bring the eyelid together to form a normal eyelid crease.

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Lower lid blepharoplasty surgery is also performed, usually for the same reasons. The lower eye can become puffy, unsightly, and can even begin to develop cysts and other eye infections causing impairment of the vision.


Blepharoplasty is the plastic surgery minor operation that is performed on the eyelids to correct deformities or excessive skin tissue. Patients usually undergo this procedure to correct issues with the eyes that could cause impairment to the vision or eye infections, or others simply have a blepharoplasty performed to aesthetically improve the appearance of the eyes.


Ptosis is not a medical condition, but a symptom of another condition. Ptosis is simply the term that means in layman terms “drooping eyelid”. It is important to note that it only refers to the upper eyelid and all of the complications that can be associated with just that area of the face. There are a number of causes of ptosis. The nerve damage that causes the eyelids to droop can be caused by birth defects, nerve damage, or trauma. Treatment for ptosis varies from medication to surgery, depending on the severity and the best scenario for you, which is decided between you and your physician.

Ectropin Repair

Ectropion is a condition of the eye where the eyelid turns out. This condition can cause a variety of eye conditions, including keratoconjunctivopathy, infections and dermatitis, as well as a variety of peripheral symptoms. Tearing that is constant is one symptom that is common and causes problems for patients. Treatment for ectropion includes eyedrops, care and maintenance of the problem, and corrective surgery by an experienced ophthalmologist who understands and works with you as a partner.

Entropin Repair

Entropion is the in-turning of the eyelid and usually involves the patient presenting with irritation of the eye that doesn’t seem to go away. The sensation of always having something in the eye is ever-present because of the inward-directed eyelashes and extra skin. Infections are common, as well as excessive tearing. Untreated, this condition will cause the eyeball to continuously sink back into the orbit of the eye. Treatment for this condition is similar to ectropin; the ophthalmologist will determine maintenance medications and care at home and surgically repair the eyelid so that excess skin and lashes are not inside the eye area, rather than outside the eye.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually minor and performed on an out-patient basis. Most cosmetic surgery is performed for the sole purpose of improving aesthetic appearance of the patient. Ophthalmologists are significant specialists in this field because of their expertise of the nerves and muscle tissues in the eyes and facial area and are most experienced in performing the procedures. Some areas that benefit from cosmetic surgery include removal of extra skin, liposuction, and other similar procedures.

Ophthalmologists are not just eye doctors who fit you for glasses when your vision begins to diminish. They are multi-talented, experienced specialist doctors who can not only assist you with a myriad of vision issues, but they can also become your best source for beauty assistance tips and procedures. Naples, Florida has a wide variety of experienced eyelid surgery specialists and talented ophthalmologists who can meet with you and discuss your needs for eyelid surgery and other needs.

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