How To Find A Good Eye M.D. And What Questions To Ask Them

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When it comes to eye care, you should always make sure you get the best care possible, because your eyes are an important part of your body, and are irreplaceable, so they should be treated with the utmost care. Finding a good eye doctor when you want to change your eyeglass prescription is a very simple process, but when you need a serious procedure done, you should be very diligent and make sure you get the right eye doctor to treat you.

If you don’t have your own personal eye doctor, you should ask your family and friends for recommendations for a good ophthalmologist, instead of going to a random one that you don’t know anything about. If your family and friends can’t recommend one for you, you can ask your physician to recommend one for you.

Your physician might actually be your best bet for finding the right ophthalmologist for you, because he/she knows you best and can recommend a well qualified specialist that can help you treat your eye problems. If you don’t have a personal physician, you can go online to the websites of their professional organizations, like the American Optometric Association, to find an eye doctor close to where you live.

After finding an ophthalmologist either through a recommendation, or online address book, you need to ask them follow up questions, to make sure they are qualified to treat your eye problem. Some of the questions you should ask an eye doctor you are meeting for the first time are:

What are their credentials?

When you meet with the eye doctor, you should ask them about where they went to school, how long they have been practicing, and whether they are licensed by the state medical board or state optometry board. Prior to meeting with them, you can also do a quick background check on them just to make sure everything they tell you is true.

What is their specialty?

Some eye care specialists are ophthalmologists, who are physicians that can provide total eye care, which includes performing surgery. Optometrists aren’t physicians, but they can diagnose and treat eye related diseases, but can’t perform surgery. They mainly focus on routine eye care like vision testing. Some eye care providers also specialize in treating a certain group, like kids or adults, so it is important to find out which group they treat when you visit them.

Is your insurance accepted?

Some eye care providers might not accept the type of insurance that you have, so it is always a good idea to make sure your insurance is accepted before proceeding with any procedure.

The answers provided for these three questions should let you know if the eye doctor is the right one for you, or if you need to keep looking around for one.


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